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Why Us

We differentiate ourselves by our keen understanding of valuation and our ability to effectively convey this through our verbal and written reporting.  Our long history spanning over 30 years has afforded us the ability to hone our skills on challenging files while doing so in a boutique firm setting.  We are large enough to accommodate our clients needs country-wide yet nimble and ready to take a deep dive into the most complex files.   

Competent valuations are achieved one report at a time

and cannot be properly executed using the one size fits all approach.  We invite you to view our Testimonials link and see why we rank among the best in our industry.     

                      Our firm is owned                            and operated                                  by Demitry Omrin.                            Demitry formally                              began his career in real estate during 1989, later venturing into the valuation field in 1991.  Since than, he was fortunate to work on a wide array of matters including appraisals, market rental studies (lease arbitration), economic analysis, financial modelling, feasibility/re-positioning (highest and best use), consultancy engagements, and more recently, mediation.     

Demitry is devoted to his field and gives back in the form of volunteering with his professional body, the Appraisal Institute of Canada ("AIC") through various positions since the 1990's.  Demitry currently sits as an elected Director on the Provincial Board of Directors of the AIC.  Previously, after earning his business degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business in 2000, from 2001 to 2005 Demitry lectured the Foundations of Real Estate Valuation course on behalf of the University of British Columbia and conducted seminars on behalf of the Ontario Association of the Appraisal Institute of Canada on real estate mathematics and other topics relating to real estate valuation. 

Demitry has developed a reputation among his colleagues in the industry as a proficient expert in valuation fundamentals and numerical analysis.  To that end, Demitry has been retained by fellow appraisers to assist with financial analysis/modelling and is often sought for opinion on complex valuation issues.  

Demitry has always been eager to embrace new technology that creates efficiencies in how work is conducted.  His office has been fully configured for remote access since 2002 and became paperless by 2006.  RECG was the first private appraisal firm in the province, if not the country, to install online ordering for real estate appraisal requests in 2005 when this concept was in its infancy. 


More recently, Demitry became an Accredited Mediator and is the only appraiser in Canada that can combine specialized expert financial knowledge with recognized mediation skills.  

Demitry adamantly believes that the future of the valuation field must involve enabling new candidates to provide highly competent service to clients.  To that end, Demitry has mentored and continues to support candidate appraisers working towards accreditation.  Demitry holds the AACI, P. App designation from the Appraisal Institute of Canada, denoting qualification in both residential and commercial valuations.  

We invite you to contact us and have a conversation on how we can help.  Please see our client Testimonials link for past references.  We look forward to hearing from you!  




Demitry Omrin, MBA, P. App, AACI, PLE, MRICS, Q. Med, Acc. FM, FDRP Med

Principal | Valuator | Family Mediator | Collaborative Practitioner

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