Client Testimonials 

We have had the privilege of working with clients from a broad range of industries. From time to time many of them have graciously attested to their experience with us.

November 2021 - Ms. Nicola Savin, Family Lawyer

Family Law Matter: “Demitry Omrin of RECG provided a technical review of an opposing appraisal report on behalf of my client for a Family Law matter.  With Demitry’s detailed response to the valuation issues we were able to effectively counter the opposing party’s narrative about the value of the property and settle the case.  My client was very pleased with his work.  Nicola Savin, Family Lawyer/Partner, Birenbaum Steinberg Landau Savin & Colraine, LLP”

October 2021 - Zahra K. 

Family Law Matter: "I used the services of RECG for a real estate valuation of a commercial property for Family Law equalization.  Upon receipt of Demitry Omrin's work my lawyer reviewed the report and was impressed with the thoroughness of the analysis and how it was explained.  As a result, I know my lawyer has confidence in proceeding with Demitry's expert report and I am grateful to have used the services of a professional that I can rely upon.  I highly recommend Demitry of RECG for anyone requiring a real estate valuation expert."

April 2021 - David C., Senior Client Relationship Manager, Scotiabank
Secured Lending: I had the pleasure of working with Demitry on a transaction for a high profile not for profit customer. I found Demitry to be very responsive and knowledgeable but what I value most is that he took the time to go over with me, the scope of work and clarified if it would be applicable for this transaction and acceptable to the Bank. The clear communication allowed us to expedite the request and save the customer time and money. I would highly recommend using Demitry and RECG for any real estate transaction!
February 2021 - Carolyn H.
Family Law Matter: “Demitry Omrin of RECG completed a real estate appraisal as part of my Family Law case. It went to trial and Demitry appeared as my expert in Court. It was apparent that Demitry was prepared for cross-examination.  His responses to the opposing lawyer’s aggressive cross-examination demonstrated a thorough preparation and a good understanding of valuation.  The opposing lawyer attempted to complicate the facts but Demitry’s responses countered this well.  His explanations of relatively complicated concepts came across as readily understandable and above those of the appraisers that were opposing him.  As a litigant I know that my evidence at trial is what matters most.  Having an expert with Demitry’s qualifications was very helpful to my case’s outcome.  I recommend Demitry to anyone involved in litigation where real estate value is being sought.  Carolyn H." 
February 2021 - Mr. Alex Romanowski, CIBC
Secured Lending:  “I recently hired RECG to carry out a valuation of a unique commercial property. Their process from client intake to report completion was impressive. The appraisal report was concisely written with relevant details and key risk issues addressed. It is apparent that Demitry Omrin has an in-depth understanding of real estate and in particular understood the subtle issues of the unusual property in question. Our risk team was pleased with the report’s thoroughness and attention to detail that addressed the risk assessment. In addition, my borrower was very happy with the level of service received by Demitry and his firm. I highly recommend Demitry Omrin and his team for commercial valuations, and would not hesitate to work with RECG again in the future. Alex Romanowski, CIBC - Manager, Commercial Banking.”   
February 2021 - Mr. Darcy Lavoie, CIBC
Secured Lending: "I have used the services of RECG headed up by Demitry Omrin.  As a commercial account manager, I rely upon outsourcing to those I can trust that will provide the level of service our bank clients expect.  Recently, I had placed an appraisal request of an investment grade office building in North Toronto with RECG. The property had some nuances that needed to be addressed.  The appraisal report was completed in a timely manner and was prepared in a user friendly format.  The analysis was logically revealed and conveyed not only valuation issues but also addressed areas of relevance to a lender.  It is of great benefit to a client when an expert understands the value of tailoring the report to the client’s needs.  I highly recommend RECG for commercial valuations.  Darcy LaVoie, CIBC Commercial Banking.”  
February 2020 - Mr. Frank Gomberg, Gomberg Mediation Solutions Inc.
Trial Advocacy: "I am writing this letter on behalf of Demitry Omrin.  I met Demitry when he played the role of expert witness in the Trial Advocacy course at Osgoode Hall Law School (hereinafter OHLS) in the fall of 2018.  I am one of the senior instructors in this course.  I have taught in the course for 30 years.  Demitry has played the role of the real estate appraiser before and he did so again in October 2019.  He has always given of his time and expertise with great enthusiasm and with an infectious passion for the subject material.  He does so as a volunteer; and doesn't get paid for surrendering his free time.  This contribution is essential to the success of our Trial Advocacy course and falls within the dictum "pay it forward".  Most people don't "get it".  Demitry's contributions to OHLS's Trial Advocacy course confirms that he doesn't just "talk the talk", but he "walks the walk".  Demitry added a realistic dimension to the examinations in chief and the cross-examinations.  He was a fair witness.  He strove to make these trial advocacy exercises realistic and meaninful for the third (3rd) year law students.  His participation significantly improved the pedagogical experience for these final year law students.  Demitry has an impressive curriculum vitae.  It highlights the fact that in his career, he as developed both academic and practical knowledge - all of which he brings to his real estate appraisal practice.  I recommend Demitry as an expert witness in real estate appraisal.  He will do an excellent job for his clients."
November 2019 - Mr. Al Pace, CS Capital
Commercial Lease Arbitration: “I retained Demitry Omrin to assist with a commercial lease arbitration file. It was in relation to determination of fair market rent of retail space for major Canadian chain tenants. It was a complex file due to the uniqueness of the leased space and contractual language contained in the lease documents. Demitry held his ground admirably in the face of difficult questioning by the opposing lawyer on interpretation of the lease terms and how they impacted market rent. His report and testimony outshone that of the opponent valuators comprised of three senior appraisers from an international real estate firm. I am a highly experienced real estate investor with decades of experience in commercial real estate development and can appreciate the degree of knowledge shown by Demitry particularly during Arbitration in how well he responded to a difficult cross-examination. I feel fortunate to have had Demitry as my expert. - Al Pace, CS Capital”

October 2019 - David E. 

Family Law Matter: "I recently used Demitry's appraisal services for assessing market value.  In all interactions, I was impressed by his professionalism and prompt response to all of our communications.  Upon receiving the appraisal report, Demitry's thoroughness, attention to detail and provision of comparable property prices exceeded my expectations.  I would not hesitate to recommend Demitry for anyone's appraisal needs."

October 2019 - Shaheedah Nelson, Credit Analysis TD/CT 

Secured Lending Client: "I have had the pleasure of working with Demitry Omrin for over 3 years when I was a Mortgage Agent working with Royal Dominion Mortgage’s. I have worked with many appraisers over the years I have been doing mortgage and I must say Demitry is my #1 appraiser. There was times when he was not on a list of lenders that I work with and I would encourage him to get on particular lenders list because the quality of his appraisal reports are incomparable and very detailed. His reports are outstanding as he adheres to each lenders stipulation protecting the bank and also the borrower. I also look forward to Demitry’s news letters which are always enlightening and informative. His company RECG website is user friendly and it allows to order an appraisal seamless. I can undoubtedly unequivocally recommend one of if not the best appraiser in GTA you will have the utmost working with him. Continue doing the great work that you do."


January 2016 - Mr. John Cunti, General Manager at Emery Woodworking

Family Law Matter: "Demitry Omrin of RECG appeared as an expert witness at trial on my behalf in relation to a real estate valuation matter. I found Demitry’s appearance at trial to be very professional. His experience and depth of knowledge of real estate valuation theory showed in his response to intense cross-examination by opposing counsel. I am very happy to have had Demitry as my expert... I highly recommend him to anyone requiring a real estate valuation expert."