Secured Lending Clients

Financial institutions are an integral part of our economy.  Collectively, they make up the available money supply that is responsible for funding business activity.  A major function stemming from this is the granting of loans against collateral security - real estate.  To that end, lenders rely on appraisal reports to gauge the relative loan to value ratio against a real estate asset in order to mitigate against risk due to fluctuations in market value.  We understand this and take our responsibility very seriously.  What differentiates us is our ability to convey information concisely and in such a way so as to break down seemingly complex issues into their simple parts, from a lenders perspective.  We work hard on this because we know that if questions or concerns are anticipated up front, our reports will pass the test of scrutiny by an account manager or underwriter.  This translates into a seamless process for our lender client and ultimately the mortgage applicant.  We make you look good in the eyes of your applicant borrower client and ultimately help you with client retention.  

Our experience lies within a wide range of commercial asset classes including office, retail, multi-unit apartment, land, industrial, special purpose property, and single family residential valuations.  For investment grade valuations we utilize ARGUS financial modelling software.  Please keep us in mind the next time you are faced with an urgent or difficult situation. We also offer services to your borrower clients that may have other needs in areas such as lease arbitration, property tax appeals, expropriation, family law proceedings (division of assets), partnership/shareholder disputes, highest and best use (feasibility) studies, etc. Please see the Testimonials link where our clients speak to our competency.  

If you are new to our firm please create a new user account today and see why our clients say we are the best.  Click on the Client Login button at the very top of this page to create a new account to place your first request.  Alternatively, send us an email, give us a call at 1-888-TO-APPRAISE, or send us a quote request.  A partial list of financial institutions we are listed with:        

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