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RENT TO OWN ELECTION PLATFORM: A recent article pitches the latest attempt to address housing affordability. The Liberal platform attempts to make strides on home ownership through a rent to own program. Despite certainly having good intentions it is likely to help only those that were close to having saved enough for a down payment. In other words, it would not help to accelerate the pace of home ownership for someone that is in the early stages of financially planning future homeownership. Valuations rise largely due to a rapid pace by the increased amount of financing available - i.e. lower interest rates, easier terms, etc. This means that whenever you see a headline with "rising real estate value" it is inferentially truly saying that buyers are able to finance more. Testament to this is the fact that rental value is disproportionately higher relative to income levels. If employment income cannot keep up with rental value, which is a proxy for property value than homeownership will continue to be a treadmill for many wishing to enter the real estate market. #recg #housingaffordability #realestate #downpaymentassistance #renttoown #commercialrealestate #homeownership #finance #investment

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