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  • Demitry Omrin


I have been reading a number of sources recently that point to the U.S. Federal reserve propping up the financial markets by reported amounts of $5T USD. The Trump administration knows its best foot forward leading up to the November election is the status of the economy. This is consistent with premature opening of its economy despite the problematic mismanaged situation with the pandemic. I believe there is both significant risk and opportunity post U.S. election once the financial market is not artificially supported to the degree it is now. Some investors will pivot and seek reward through created opportunities but unfortunately others may be more at risk. One thing that is very clear to me is that this potential volatility is a manufactured situation. As an appraiser I will be watching this for the trickle down impact on capital seeking real estate as an investment. If a company is well capitalized it is in the best position to look past the hurdles and take a long-term view.

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