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When times are uncertain most of us tend to hold off on taking on risk. Yet this is the most crucial period to stick with the long-term fundamentals. A down period is an opportunity rather than a barrier. Real estate is in fact cyclical. When capital chases a geographical market or asset class everyone jumps on board willingly paying more. When times are uncertain those that retreat are missing out on opportunity for potential growth. The investors that stay on track with the underlying valuation drivers often create value for themselves. Calgary is a great example. One of the most important attributes of that market is that it is a very young population. As a result, they have incentive to make the best effort towards their future. That mind-set or disposition has potential to translate into upward pressure on value. In valuation, when we make financial projections on future income we are not making a prediction. In fact, we are making a projection of what a potential investor thinks the future will be. #recg #commercialrealestate #commercialvaluations #realestateappraisal

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