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During early 2019 when the Fed's announced an equity sharing plan for first time buyers I wrote an article on this because I felt it was important to talk about the gradual over-taxation on those that have invested and generated wealth. My thought at the time was that the notion of equity sharing was a precursor to some form of capital gains tax. As time passes I feel more convinced that we are on a path towards a capital gains tax on investment property at first and than likely a measured capital gains on principal residence. Investors that are unable to pay the tax will find they need to refinance or effectively give away the equity gain. In some cases the market will see more available supply of property where investors must sell in order to pay tax. It would be wise to remind investors that the rent they collect is never 100% theirs. It is always the case that a portion of money received must flow back into a property to sustain its ability to generate rent. Now there is the added consideration of a potential tax levy not seen before. #recg #rentalproperty #capitalgains #commercialvaluations

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