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Real estate value can be influenced by many factors. What is less talked about is the notion that market value may be impacted by elements that have no basis in fact yet are perceived to exist. Over the past 30+ years of valuation experience we have seen a varied degree of valuation files. From time to time we receive very unusual requests. One in particular is the perception that a building is haunted or otherwise has a reputation for "bad luck". The detailed valuation methodology used to impact a situation of this type is beyond the scope of this commentary. However, suffice to say appraising a haunted property is perhaps one of the best examples of a possible consequential impact on value that is unproven but because it may have either a negative/positive impact on the available buyer pool it can decrease/increase market value depending on market conditions as at the valuation date and the property type. If you are ever faced with a difficult or unusual valuation scenario please call us, we can help - --- #recg #commercialvaluations #halloween2021 #halloween #marketvalue #hauntedbuilding

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