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Investors and Developers

Whether you are a large developer or individual investor we understand what drives your investment decisions.  From feasibility of large tracts of land, to valuation, to calculation of investment value and returns for a first-time investor we can help you better understand and capitalize on your investment. 

We are first and foremost real estate appraisers.  However, our training and understanding of valuation fundamentals places us in a strong position to offer consultancy services such as feasibility studies on new prospective projects, infill developments, and intensification opportunities.  We combine our valuation expertise with financial analysis to offer our clients the service they require.       

We have experience in a wide variety of asset classes including office, retail, multi-unit apartment, land, industrial, special purpose property, and residential valuations.  We are listed with most of the financial institutions for situations in which you require an appraisal report for mortgage financing

​If it involves real estate please speak to us on how we can help.  We routinely work directly with property owners or their respective representatives including lawyers, investment advisors, accountants, lenders, etc. 


For references on our client's past experience with us please see the Testimonials link. 

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