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Legal Professionals

A fundamental consideration of counsel and their clients is the quality of expert evidence.  A lawyer understands that if their matter goes to trial or arbitration they must rely on expert reports.  Ultimately, it is our testimony on report findings that is of paramount importance to a judge or arbitrator.  We operate under the presumption that every report we produce will be scrutinized under cross-examination. 

The valuation process starts from when we first interact with our client.  With some files the terms of reference are readily apparent when a valuation is required as at a certain date or series of retrospective dates.  However, it is not uncommon for us to conduct a valuation based on a hypothetical condition or other complex set of considerations that are driven by the circumstances that led to litigation.  Under these conditions it is critical for us to understand the requirements in order to accurately define the terms of reference with our client at the onset of being retained.    

Once our report is submitted we know the qualities you as a lawyer or litigant are looking for in an expert to convey those findings.  Based on our experience over many years we categorize these under the following headings: 

Qualifications: Education, years of experience, and technical proficiency come into play because this forms the basis from which an expert will be assessed during both examination in chief and under cross-examination.  We need to demonstrate to a judge or arbitrator that we have the requisite competency expected of an expert witness.  Our responses to cross-examination are well-noted by our clients through the cases we have successfully worked on.  We are able to break down complex issues into simple explanations in order to resonate with the trier of fact.        

Character: An expert must come across as professional, credible, and consistent in order to garner the respect and attention of a judge or arbitrator.  At the root of this is the fact that we prepare each report from the perspective of an impartial footing.     

Our consistent approach has enabled us to provide a high level of service to our clients.  We have an excellent record under cross examination.  Please see our Testimonials link for a sample of our trial experience.    

We would be pleased to discuss how we can help.  Please contact us at your convenience or send us a request to obtain a quote

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